730COURT shopping complex opens on Ishigaki Island

IBS, a local real estate company based on Ishigaki Island, opened a commercial building complex named “730COURT” in Ohkawa, Ishigaki City, on Monday.

The shopping complex consists of three buildings constructed on a lot of 1,131 square meters. Two of the buildings are new, one three stories high and the other five stories. The third building is a renovated structure with three floors. The total floor space of the buildings is 2,485 square meters.

So far the buildings have eleven tenant shops, including “BENCH,” a well-known clothing retailer from the Philippines. The BENCH Ishigaki shop is its first outlet in Japan. Other tenants include a beauty shop, souvenir shop, and an outdoor shop. There is also an event space on the first floor.

Some of the outlets are the first in Okinawa, such as CACAO MARKET, a luxurious New York chocolate shop, Ishigakijima Anon, an outlet of Anko Sweets of Kyoto, and Sumiyakiniku Ishidaya restaurant from Kobe. The number of tenants is expected to rise to a total of 22 in the future.

Located at the center of the city, the complex is expected to attract domestic and international tourists in addition to local residents.

17:08 27 Feb , 2024