Company demonstrates hand-held translation device

Logbar Inc., a Tokyo company that is known as a developer of “Ring Zero,” the world’s smallest input device, and “ili,” a wearable translator device held a demonstration of the translator in cooperation with AEON Mall Okinawa Rycom in Kita-Nakagusuku in the mall on Mar. 27 and 29.

Ili is a pocket size hand-held device developed by Logbar that translates spoken languages instantly. It currently can translate between Japanese, English and Chinese.

In demonstrations held in 12 shops in the mall, tourists from Taiwan and mall staff tried to talk using the ili.

According to Logbar CMO Tatsuya Ito, “Anyone who travels overseas and meets people of different cultures can have sense of confidence when communicating with them using ili. It’s almost like traveling domestically.”

Based on their experience from the demonstration at AEON Mall and other similar events, Logbar aims to upgrade the device by upgrading and increasing its vocabulary and increasing its ability to form sentences.

Chizuno Higa, a staff member at the AEON Mall, says, “We are considering to start using ili. We think that it would help us to improve the quality of our service.”

09:14 05 Mar , 2024