CPoint Next helps foreign students to find jobs

CPoint Next, a Tida Square group company, is helping foreign students who study at universities in Okinawa to find jobs.

The company opened a website last December to introduce foreign students and companies in Okinawa, on which it currently has 110 students registered. The company is also planning to hold an employment event in May.

They aim to introduce foreign students, who understand Okinawa’s culture and customs, to Okinawan companies planning to expand overseas.

Reportedly, many of the foreign students in Okinawa want to get jobs in Japanese companies and advance their career in the mainland. At the same time, more and more companies in Okinawa want to expand their business overseas, and want to hire employees from other countries. However, they have no chance to contact foreign students to hire them.

In Okinawa, there is a shortage of workers who can speak foreign languages because of increasing number of foreign tourists. Many companies in a wide range of industries are also looking to expand into overseas markets.

CPoint Next regards foreign students as highly skilled professionals – specialized in their fields in the universities – who understand Okinawan and Japanese culture and customs.

On the website for foreign students, “Study in Japan,” they offer information about scholarships and information on costs of living, aiming to attract foreigners who are thinking about coming to Japan to study.

Foreign students from nine Asian countries, including Thailand, China, and South Korea, are expected to participate in the event in May.

09:10 30 May , 2024