Ginowan elementary students get IC tag security system

Ginowan Elementary School introduced a new security system for its student called “Tsuitamon” on the first day of the new school year.

The system gives each school child an IC tag that they fasten to their school bag that record their path to and from the school. The system is the first in Okinawa. Security cameras and sensors set at the entrance of the school record the time when the children come and leave the school, and teachers can also see in the teachers’ room the video from the security cameras.

The principal at the school said that he introduced the new system in order to improve the children’s security. He had heard about the system that was developed by a NPO in Osaka, and asked the student’s parents whether they would like to employ it.

According to the school, more than half of all children have already finished the registration required for the system, and the IC tags were distributed to the students on the morning of the first school day.

Reportedly, some parents have been wary of accepting the system because of concerns of privacy, and are taking a wait and see attitude.

The IC tags are give to children on loan, and the cost of installing equipment like cameras and a PC was covered by Tsuitamon. No money is charged to the schoolchildren.

22:36 24 Jun , 2024