Iejima prepares for annual Lily Festival

Ie Island, a 30-minute ferry ride west from Motobu Port, is preparing for the 22nd Iejima Lily Festival scheduled for Apr. 22 through May 7 at the island’s Lily Field Park.

During the festival period, the venue will be full of white Easter Lilies, with a patch of “lily flowers from all over the world” representing other varieties and different colors in the back of the park.

Live entertainment featuring various artists is scheduled for the weekends and days during the Golden Weeks at the end of the festival. The entertainers include Anly, a singer from Iejima, who is scheduled to perform in the evening of Apr. 23rd.

During the festival, flower lovers can also visit Furukata Farm, located on the eastern side of the park, which grows about 60 species of flowers including Rhodanthe and Larkspur. Iejima Hibiscus Garden is also located near the Lily Park.

13:53 29 May , 2024