Monorail Asahibashi station complex to open in 2018

The full image of the commercial complex currently under construction on the former Naha Bus Terminal site and adjacent to Monorail Asahibashi Station scheduled to open in 2018, was presented to relevant officials on Tuesday.

According to the project outline, the new facility will have eleven floors above and one under ground. The new bus terminal will occupy the ground level and the floor underground is the parking space for the buses. The ground floor will also have a multi-lingual tourist information office, and a convenience store, most likely a 7-Eleven, Japan’s largest convenience store chain that is expected to enter Okinawa in 2018.

OPA, a company headquartered in Chiba that manages fashion specialty shops, is likely to take the entire 2nd and 3rd floors of the building, as it makes nit’s re-entry to Okinawa. OPA is making a re-entry to Okinawa after withdrawing in 2013 from what now is the Festival Building on Kokusai Street.

The Okinawa Prefecture Library is moving to the building from its current location in Yorimiya and, along with a prefecture-operated employment office, will occupy floors four through six.

Top floors from the 7th through 11th will be rented to private companies for office space.

Dai-ichi Koutsu Sangyo Co., Ltd. a Fukuoka-based company that runs bus and taxi business on Okinawa is responsible for managing the terminal building, including the tenants on the office floors.

The Asahibashi redevelopment project is scheduled to be complete at the end of August 2018. The site area is 12,800 square meters and the total floor space 65,100 square meters.

13:09 25 May , 2024