Parents’ lacking interest causes juvenile crimes

According to a survey of children who entered the Naha juvenile home system in 2016, one big reason for underage drinking and other bad behavior seems to be that many parents show little interest in their children’s activities.

The survey found that 22 children out of 159 who were found drinking alcohol answered that they had drunk alcohol with their parents before. 12 of the children claimed that their parents accepted their drinking. 82 answered that they were not sure if their parents knew about it.

Officials at the juvenile home system pointed out that it was possible that most of those parents had little interest in their children’s activities or in their children themselves.

For a question “Did your parents’ habit of drinking hurt you”, 14 children out of 70 answered, “Yes.” Some of them said, “They abused me”, “They quarreled with each other”, or “They had become alcoholic addicts.”

To the question, “With whom do you drink alcohol?” 140 children answered “Friends”, 74 said “with seniors or juniors at school”, and one of them said “by myself.” As for the reason for their drinking, 73 of them stated “Communication with others.”

At the juvenile home, the children have available in all the living rooms books to provide them basic knowledge about alcohol. Also, the staff holds regular lectures about the effects of drinking.


02:14 10 Dec , 2023