Tokyo company completes acquisition of American Engineering

Outsourcing Inc., a temporary employment agency in Tokyo, announced Apr. 3rd that they have completed acquiring the 100% ownership of the American Engineering Corporation (AEC), a general contractor founded in 1964 doing business mostly on U.S. military bases on Okinawa and mainland Japan.

Richard Bourdeaux, the president of the company, resigned and Kenneth Mark Exterstein, 46, the vice-president, was named a new president. The company will retain all of its 600 employees.

A spokesman for Outsourcing Inc. explained, “We acquired the ownership of AEC in order to seek growth with a business that is little affected by economic cycles.”

Outsourcing aims to expand the business and increase its human resources. “With the backing of Outsourcing Inc. resources, it’s now possible for AEC to take on larger construction projects as a primary contractor, for which we can provide the financing for the required performance bonds,” the spokesman explained.


22:24 22 Jul , 2024