Tomigusuku firm takes kariyushi wear to Italy

A Tomigusuku-based company designing and selling aloha shirts and Oknawan Kariyushi Wear under its private brand “Paikaji” has concluded a contract with an Italian retailer to sell their shirts in in Italy this summer.

Stating four years ago, the company, JUNE Inc., has exhibited its shirts at one of the biggest men’s fashion exhibitions in Italy, called “Pitti Uomo” where it caught the attention of a men’s wear retail company president who participated in the exhibition as a buyer. The contact then led to a distributor contract.

Paikaji brand shirts will be sold in shops in Italy, be on a permanent exhibition at the distributor’s showroom in Milan, and eventually aim at an entry into other fashion centers of the world.

Joseph Montresor, the president of the Italian distributor Studio Novantadue visited Okinawa from Apr. 19th to inspect the Paikaji shop and manufacturing plant.

During his visit, Montresor said, “The brand is interesting because it mixes Japanese and American cultures. We would like to expand our selection to such products that are simple, but have a feel of Japanese elegance and sensitivity. I believe theae shirts will be well received in Italy where people are always looking for new fashions.”

Montresor says that he sees a great potential for Paikaji shirts. “Aloha shirts in American culture are wear for relaxation, but Paikaji shirts fit to jackets and suits, and are fashionable. We are looking for not only for something new, but also a brand that offers great possibilities and growth potential,” he said.

Paikaji shirts started in 1999 as an Okinawan aloha shirt brand. Based on its “Experience in Extraordinary” wear sold in resorts, JUNE Inc. developed designs with elements from nature of Okinawa and the entire world.

They have a specialty shop on Kokusai Street in Makishi, Naha City, and have aimed at creating a high quality brand that refined by form, materials and silhouette.


08:32 04 Dec , 2023