Uruma Farm to start hands-on experiences

Uruma Farm, an agricultural producers’ cooperative corporation, is planning to open a hands-on experience farm on Ishikawa-dake on May 5th.

The farm includes a gelato shop that makes gelato using original produce from the farm and other locally grown crops. The aim is to develop the farm under slogan “Regionally produced and regionally consumed!”

This farm locates near Okinawa Expressway Ishikawa Interchange, and has a land area of 50,000 square meters. As the farm opens in May, visitors can enjoy a butterfly farm with 500 butterflies, including the Tree Nymph Butterfly, a horse riding facility, and a petting zoo featuring goats.

A barbeque restaurant in the rest area offers Okinawan beef, and the gelato shop sells a variety of flavors, such as sugarcane, passion fruit, and purple potatoes.

The farm is located at 3356-1, Ishikawa, Uruma City. For more details, contact Uruma Farm at 098-965-3137.


10:39 05 Mar , 2024