Assistant principal arrested for taking photos up woman’s skirt

Uruma Police arrested Monday an assistan principal of a junior high school on suspicion of taking a photo up a woman’s skirt in a convenience store in Taba, Uruma City.

According to police, 49-year-old Masahiko Murayoshi, the assistant principal at a municipal junior high school in Ginowan City, was arrested without a warrant after he allegedly entered the convenience store and took photos up a female customer’s skirt about 4:20 p.m.

Investigators say Murayoshi had been in the same store in the morning, and also then acted suspiciously approaching female shoppers from behind. A store clerk who had noticed Murayoshi’s behavior called police who sent a patrol to investigate, but Murayoshi had already left when the police arrived.

On the same day in the afternoon, Murayoshi came again to the store again, and the clerk again called the police again. When Murayoshi left the store, police were waiting outside and asked him to come voluntarily to the police station.

When questioned, he first denied the charges, but soon admitted to it.

According to a source familiar with the investigation, Murayoshi carried a small camera, and had a one-centimeter hole on top of his shoe. Police continue an investigation to the facts.

A member of the Okinawa Board of Education said, “I think it’s regrettable. As soon as the facts of the incident are confirmed, the board will take a strict action in the matter after we receive a full report from the municipal board of education.”


01:08 22 May , 2024