Goat Park opens in Gushiken, Motobu Town

Denku Goat Park, a new attraction opened at Denku no Eki Ha-So-Park at Gushiken, Motobu Town, on Apr. 28th, with an opening ceremony with about 60 people in attendance.

The park offers visitors experiences to get close and personal to the once common farm animals, like feeding and milking them.

After the opening ceremony, 16 children from a local nursery school tried their hand at milking. Petting the goats is free but visitors who want to try milking one must pay ¥500 per try through May 7.

Goats in the park graze and are very active that makes the park quite different from the most of other goat parks.

Midori Higa, the representative director of Motobu Biomass Business Cooperative that manages Denku no Eki, said, “We will do our best to make the park a fun place for local residents and visitors from other cities, towns and villages.”

A restaurant at Denku no Eki Ha-so-Park serves goat cuisine, such as goat soup, goat sashimi and goat hamburgera.


13:50 13 Jun , 2024