Golden Kings reach BLegue playoff spot

The Ryukyu Golden Kings, Okinawa’s team in the professional basketball B League first division, played their 60th and final game of the regular season Sunday against Osaka Evessa at Okinawa City Gymnasium.

The Kings won 80-72 ensuring that they will play in the playoffs that start this weekend. The Kings finished the regular season with 29 wins and 31 defeats that was just enough to win them the 2nd place in the Western Conference and the spot in the playoffs.

In the quarterfinals, the Kings will face the Seahorses Mikawa that ended the regular season with 46 wins and 14 losses, and was No.1 in the Western Conference. The matches take place at the Wing Arena Kariya in Aichi Prefecture on May 13 and 14.

22:59 23 Jul , 2024