Long waiting time at airport irks rental car users

A survey on the congestion at Naha Airport conducted by Okinawa Prefecture in 2016, found that it takes up to two hours to rent a car after arriving at Naha Airport during the summer high season.

According to the survey, about 40% of users of rent-a-car services answered, “Not satisfied”, regarding the time they spent to rent a car. In spite of the long waiting, 96.2% answered that they “want to use a rent-a-car again” that highlights the fact that tourists to Okinawa depend on rent-a-cars to get around.

Before receiving a car, visitors need to spend time to collect their baggage, be transferred to a rent-a-car office, and then go through the procedure to rent one. Specifically, there is always a long line waiting for transportation to car rental office outside of the Naha Airport.

According to the survey, up to 13,462 customers per day take shuttle buses to car rental offices during the 10 hours a day the buses operate.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation and Okinawa Prefecture conducted a verification test and moved the bus stop for rent-a-car stores to the larger northern bus pool from Aug. 15th through Sep. 16th last year. According to the test result, there were less accidents and congestion. However, the change resulted in another problem. Since the northern bus stop has no roof, people who wait may get wet when it rains.

Okinawa rent-a-car association has asked the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation to reserve enough space for the bus stop for rent-a-car users, but it could prove to be difficult considering the space needed for other airport buses and taxis.


05:46 17 Apr , 2024