Makishi Public Market is busiest spot in Naha

According to a traffic count and shopping street survey commissioned by Naha City in 2016, the busiest area in the city during weekdays is the northeastern part of Makishi Public Market that sees 18,684 visitors per day.

The area around Makishi Public Market is busier than the Palette Kumoji event square that is regarded as the center of business in Naha.

The traffic count surveys have been taken since 1983, In 2016, the traffic counts were taken on Dec. 8th (weekday) and Dec. 11th (weekend). The counts were taken on 19 central shopping streets including Kokusai Street, Heiwa Dori, and Kencho-mae, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. every second hour. All persons who were junior high school students and elder were counted in the survey.

The total traffic count during the weekday was 161,511, and during the weekend 180,879.

The busiest site during the weekend was the public square in front of Tembus Naha on Kokusai Street where 14,914 people passed each hour on average. City officials speculate that the Kokusai Street transit mall on Sundays has an impact on attracting people to the area.


09:31 30 May , 2024