New playground opens in Kin Town

Children in Kin Town had a reason to rejoice as a new playground completely new equipment was opened in the town last week. The opening ceremony for the park was held Friday with the town mayor, town council chairman, and many local kindergarten children gathered to celebrate.

The new name for the park was announced at the start of the ceremony. From now on, the park will be known as “Kin Term Land” that was selected among ideas from the public. The name is the idea of Kenji Higa, a 5th grade student at the Kin Elementary School. The idea earned him a special prize and a letter of commendation.

The playground features equipment built in 2014, designed for higher grade elementary school children, and newly constructed equipment for lower grade elementary school and younger children. In addition, there is a flying fox, swings, restrooms for children, pergolas, and a mist-shower equipment to prevent heatstrokes.

  • ed mick

    The first time in 2 years? Is this news? Reading a bus sign is more interesting.

10:13 18 Jul , 2024