Photo exhibit of Naha farmers’ market now open

A photo exhibition of “Anyatan Nouren Market” sponsored by Okinawa Times and the Naha Central Farmers’ Market Business Cooperative opened Monday at the same market in Naha City. 67 photos of the market taken between 1955 and the present owned by Okinawa Times newspaper are displayed.

72-year-old Isamu Ohshiro, who has visited the market for almost half a century, came to the exhibition and said, “The market used to be packed with people and goods, and it was difficult for a hand cart to get though. There used to be fights over good spots for business.”

Entry to the exhibition is free.

An art exhibition featuring works of 20 Okinawa artists is held concurrently. Both exhibitions are accessible 24 hours a day.


01:55 22 May , 2024