Police warn women on increasing sexual assault incidents

Okinawa Prefectural Police is warning women to be careful when they walk alone, especially when entering deserted areas late in the evening, as there has been 27 reported incidents of sexual assaults by of the end of April this year in Okinawa.

Police say the number is certain to exceed the number of similar assaults last year when there were 32 in total. The Prefectural Police warns ladies, “Please do not go alone to deserted areas or walk late at night.”

According to the Prefectural Police, there have been six incidents of sexual assaults in Naha, five in Uruma City, and three each in Tomigusuku and Okinawa City. Police say similar incidents have occurred in any number places, and stresses that apparently the suspect is not the same person.

Police have lately been strengthening their efforts to prevent sex crimes in response to the murder case last year by an ex-U.S. Marine in May, 2016.

According to victim reports, in most cases, the perpetrator approaches the woman from behind, and tries to fondle the upper half of the victim’s body. According to a police official, “It’s especially dangerous for a woman to text on her cell phone while walking, as she is distracted and it may be difficult to pay attention on whether someone s approaching from behind.”

Looking back the past five years, there were 81 reported sexual assaults in 2013. Which was the most ever.


18:19 21 Apr , 2024