Prefecture officials issue warning about habu

As the summer gets on the way and the weather becomes increasingly warm, Okinawa Prefecture issued an official warning to be wary about Habu snakes from May 1st through June 30.

Habu are most active during the first half of the summer and officials call local residents and tourists alike to be careful, especially when venturing to fields or trekking on hills, as well as walking anywhere at night..

Highly poisonous Habu snakes are common throughout most of the islands of Okinawa Prefecture, and they become active when the weather becomes warm. There have been about 100 victims of bites by Habu snakes each year.

Some victims can suffer long time aftereffects of the bite. They advise people who are bitten by a Habu to stay calm and get to a medical facility as soon as possible.


19:54 16 Apr , 2024