Rookie Yamato delivery driver throws mail in forest

A male Yamato Transport contract employee in his teens was found to have disposed a total of 529 direct mail envelopes sent to addresses in the middle part of Okinawa in a forest in Uruma City between December and January.

Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. has apologized and stated, “We apologize for causing local residents and our customers many worries and fears. We train our drivers thoroughly, and will increase our efforts to prevent a recurrence of this kind of an incident. We will do our utmost to recover the trust of all of our costomers.”

The company emphasizes that so far there has been no reports of leaks of private information because of the icident.

The disposed envelopes were so called “Kuroneko DM” direct mail deliveries of promotional material containing catalogues and pamphlets.

The man threw away the envelopes in more than one occasion between December and January. The incident came to light after a local resident discovering the envelopes became suspicious and contacted Okinawa Yamato on Apr. 13th.

Yamato collected the envelopes, apologized to all concerned and reported the incident to the clients and the landowner of the site.

According to Yamato Transport, the deliveryman said, “I could not complete the delivery, so I disposed the envelopes. I will reflect on it.”

The man was given a penalty, and he left the company in April. He had joined the company as a contract employee, went through the training and started the delivery work in December.

00:38 26 Jun , 2024