Taiwanese mother and baby released from hospital, return to Taiwan

A 20-year-old Taiwanese woman who gave birth prematurely while visiting Okinawa and her baby boy returned to Taiwan Wednesday evening.

She had pay ¥8.5 million in medical costs because she did not have an insurance, but all of her costs were eventually covered by donations from Taiwanese people living in Japan and overseas. The Ryukyu Chinese Association solicited for the donations, and collected over ¥20 million from more than individual 300 donations.

The mother said, “I am relieved that the baby is growing and in a good health. We really appreciate each one of those who helped us.”

The baby was born Mar. 30 in Okinawa Nanbu Medical Center & Children’s Medical Center by a Caesarean section weighing only 884 grams on. However, he did not need a ventilator and has grown to 1,660 grams by the time he left the hospital. A doctor and a nurse accompanied the mother and baby on their way back home to Taiwan where the baby reportedly will stay another two months in a hospital.

Leaving the Naha Airport, the mother said, “I would like the baby to meet our family as soon as possible.” Her 46-year-old mother thanked the Ryukyu Chinese Association and all people who supported them.

Lee and her family promised to visit Okinawa again in three years to thank all the people who had helped.

22:59 22 Jul , 2024