Women’s participation in labor force highest ever

A recently released Okinawa Prefecture overview of the national census and the employment 2015 in Okinawa, says 278,242 women aged 15 and older were participating in the labor force, comprising 52.7% of working age women in the prefecture.

According to the Okinawa Prefecture Department of Planning Statistics Division both numbers were the highest ever since 1975 when the national census in Okinawa was started.

On the other hand, the male labor force participation rate stood at 70.3% that is the lowest ever.

Comparing with the statistics 10 years ago, the female labor force has increased by 0.5 points, and the participation rate has increased by 1.7 points, while at the same time, the male labor force rate decreased from 72.8% by 2.5 points.

In 2015, Okinawa had a population of 1,170,446 people 15 years of age or older, of which 629,394 people were in the labor force, a decrease of 20,913 or 3.2% from 10 years ago.

Broken in 5-year periods, the participation rate decreased for females 15 to 19 years old, stayed the same for females between 20 and 24, and increased among females over 30 years old. All male rates decreased, except for ages from 60 to 64 and over 64.

Of all employees, 61.3% were regular employees. 76.1% of men and 45.2% of women were regular employees. an increase of 0.3 and 0.8 points respectively.

The labor force numbers includes all employed people and unemployed persons who are actively looking for jobs.

  • Efreet

    It sounds exactly like where I live in the northwest Unites States. We have not had rain since the end of June (it is currently Sept. 7). This is very bad. Fires are burning everywhere and even today the sky was filled with smoke, painting the Sun a dim red and mildly irritating my throat.

22:37 20 Jul , 2024