Yusaku Miyazato wins PGA Championship in Kise

Golfer Yusaku Miyazato came from behind on the last day of the 85th PGA Championship Nissin Noodles Cup at Kise Country Club in Nago to win the tournament, Sunday. This was his second consecutive win this season after Chunichi Crowns, the first time he has won three domestic competitions during the same season.

With his winner’s trophy, Miyazato collected ¥30 million in prize money.

This was Miyazato’s fifth title during his career, and he currently ranks in No.1 in prize money in the Japanese cirsuit this season.

After his win, Miyazato said, “I was able to play relaxed because of the great support from local people. I wanted to win, because both my brother and sister (Ai Miyazato) were in the gallery. I’m really happy now.”

Miyazato started the last round at 6 under par with two-strokes behind Toru Taniguchi, the leader before the final round. He birdied the 1st, 2nd and 4th holes catch up with Taniguchi. He finished the first half of the game with 6 birdies and 1 bogey. He continued with steady shots on the second half to finish with a total of 12 under.

12:58 25 May , 2024