Economic effect of pro-baseball spring camps up to ¥10.9 billion

According to Ryugin Research Institute Ltd., the economic effect of the professional baseball spring training camps in Okinawa in 2017 totaled ¥10.954 billion that is 9.5% more than in the previous year and the most ever. 349,000 people visited the camps that is 5.1% more than in 2016 and also a new record.

Nine teams had their spring training camps in the prefecture this spring. By team, the economic effect from Hanshin Tigers was ¥3.564 billion, followed by Yomiuri Giants at ¥2.23 billion.

The amount of direct expenditures, including lodging fees, food and drink expenses, facility fees for training, etc. totaled ¥7.174 billion that was a 10.1% increase. The direct effect to the tourism industry in Okinawa was ¥6.333 billion, and the primary indirect effect to other industries was ¥2.832 billion. Other, secondary indirect effects were estimated at ¥1.789 billion.

According to Ryugin Research Institute, “It would be desirable to invite (the baseball team camps) with additional benefits like developing original products of the teams. Making this opportunity more effective with better new business practices, it would be able to contribute to developing the sports business sector in the prefecture.”


00:13 26 Jun , 2024