FamilyMart revamps FamiCafe menu

Okinawa FamilyMart President Masahiro Nozaki held a press conference Friday in Naha to announce revamping of  the convenience store chain’s “FamiCafe” menu. He also introduced a new commercial song of the chain by Orange Range from Okinawa, in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of Okinawa FamilyMart.

FamilyMart started the FamiCafe business in Okinawa five years ago as its original in-store café. Changes implemented now include new kind of coffee beans and roasting to emphasize the beans’ aroma and body. The prices also changed, and now a small-size iced coffee costs ¥100. “Beniimo Frappe” made using purple potatoes from Kumejima, is a new item introduced on May 30th.

Kensuke Kobayashi, the general manager of the production section, said, “Fresh coffee at convenience stores is a high sales volume item. However, it needs to compete with canned coffee, and its sales have dropped since we introduced the product for the first time. That’s why we needed to revamp the product line.” The company aims to have annual sales of ¥2 billion from its FamiCafe operations that is a 20% increase from the previous year.

The new commercial song titled “Chira Chira Rhythm” is made by Okinawan band Orange Range. It is used in FamilyMart TV commercials from May 30th. It’s also available on CD, which is specially packaged with a Goya bento (box lunch) and sold only in FamilyMart stores in Okinawa.


01:31 26 Jun , 2024