Ginowan police cars allowed passage through MCAS during disasters

Ginowan Police and the U.S. military have concluded an agreement to allow police vehicles to pass through the premises of MCAS Futenma at the time of disasters.

Osamu Hamada, the head of Ginowan Police, and the commander of MCAS Futenma signed a written agreement on the deal on Wednesday. This marks the first time that an Okinawan Police department has made an agreement with the U.S. military regarding an access.

The agreement goes into effect at the time of disasters, such as a large-scale earthquake or a majos accident. Advance notice is necessary, and the police and MCAS Futenma are planning to have joint training in the future for such events.

Ginowan Police see one of such eventuality would be a serious accident at the Yoshinoura thermal power station in Nakagusuku Village, located across the airport from Ginowan Police Station on Highway 58.

The Japanese and U.S. sides agreed to grant Japanese police vehicles the passage through on the base, on assumption that the final decision is left to the commander.

Ginowan City already has a similar agreement since 2004 regarding the passage for fire engines.

00:04 26 Jun , 2024