Hello! Kitty Taxi goes on road

Okito Kotsu, a taxi and bus rental company, had an inauguration ceremony at the company’s Naha branch, Tuesday, to introduce its fleet of “Kitty Taxi” cabs that have Hello Kitty theme decoration on the seat covers and car body.

A company representative said the Kitty Taxis area a part of their plan to attract more female and foreign customers. Customers can specifically request a Kitty Taxi when booking a ride.

Okito Kotsu also just opened their on-site nursery school in Ishimine, Shuri, that is decorated with the Hello Kitty theme. As Hello Kitty is popular among families with small children, the company thinks their new taxis would be attractive to them.

The Kitty Taxis are Toyota’s Sienta models, and the fleet currently consists of five cars. All have license plates with the number 860 (“Hello”).

Okito Kotsu is also renewing the company website by this summer with English, Korean, and Chinese translations. The idea is to try to introduce Kitty Taxis to foreign visitors.

14:14 13 Jun , 2024