It’s all about cars at Car Beauty Pro Shiraishi Mihama

Most gas stations in Japan are far more than spots to fill up the tank. They have services that range from an oil change and other minor maintenance jobs to cleaning services, both in and outside of the car, including washing and waxing by hand.

Car Beauty Pro Shiraishi in Mihama is one of those businesses where both local and foreigners residing on the island take their vehicles when they feel that it needs a little tender care.

All the staff at Shiraishi Mihama is trained thoroughly going through special education courses in car maintenance. They can respond to any request quickly and professionally. Shiraishi accepts any job regarding your car from the smallest to big, thorough works. The services include, but are not limited to, maintenance, tire changing and body care, working on each car with equal attention to the smallest details. And they are more than willing to answer any question a customer might have. The shop is open every day of the year, and its location on Highway 58 in Mihama makes it very convenient to access.

The staff at Shiraishi Mihama is ready to serve. Everyone in the crew is trained thoroughly on special education courses in car maintenance.

The shop is open every day of the year, and its location on Highway 58 in Mihama makes it very convenient to access.

Their car washing line is very popular among both locals and U.S. base community, and it’s always busy with customers. Specialized staff take care of the car inside out with utmost care and attention to detail. And when the customers want something special, body coating treatment does the trick. The staff chooses coating liquids from a wide selection to match the make and color of the car to make sure that the result is something to be proud of and the customers want to come back for.

Shiraishi staff are more than willing to answer any question a customer might have.

Head light cleaning spices up the looks of your car very nicely.

The inside of the car receives an equally careful treatment. Blemishes and spots on seat covers can be eliminated and, at the same time, your stress about the spots will be eliminated, too.

It usually takes up to one and half to three hours to make a thorough cleaning, but the result is worth the while. And while the work is taking place, it’s a good idea to take a walk in the neighborhood, have a cup of coffee or perhaps a lunch, do some shopping or just lounge in the resting room at Shiraishi where you can browse more than 3,000 of comics and magazines or relax in one of the massage chairs in an air-conditioned comfort. There’s even a playroom for kids.

Another specialty available at Shiraishi Mihama is their high-octane fuel, which is of a variety that is not commonly available on Okinawa. The fuel is recommended for souped-up and high-performance engines.
A self-washing space is for those who prefer to wash their car themselves by hand, and not use the washing machine. There’s also space for tire polishing, wax coating and other tasks by yourself.

Important on Okinawa is Shiraishi’s anti-salt coating and special window tinting. Shiraishi’s special tint blocks both ultraviolet and infrared rays from the sun, and cools the inside of the car improving the performance of the air conditioner.

Currently, Shiraishi is offering a special limited maintenance package that includes a choice of five services from a list of eight plus a one-time cleaning of the whole car. The choices include, one from body coating or seat cleaning, one from head light lens cleaning or muffler cleaning, another three from interior odor eliminating, front window water repellent, free washing ticket or polishing of the engine room. The package starts from ¥13,000 plus tax for a standard sized car, and up depending of the type and size of the vehicle, just ask staffs for more details.

*Any other coupons are not available to use with this package on same time. This special package will be expired on August 31st 2017.

Shiraishi Mihama Manager Seijyun Uechi says that, “These days, more and more gas stations are turning into self-service, but the Car Beauty Pro rely on direct communication between our customers and well-trained technicians to make sure our customers leave the shop satisfied. Any questions about car issues are welcome. We want you to have a fantastic time with your car on the island.”

Shiraishi posts daily service menus and special offers on their social network sites and official website at

Their address is 3-1-2 Mihama, Chatan Town. Tel 098-936-9422


19:30 16 Apr , 2024