Okinawa Ricca Ricca Festa to start July 24

Ricca Ricca Festa, officially known as the International Theater Festival Okinawa for Young Audiences, is a performing arts festival catering to everyone from children to adults that has been held in Okinawa every year since 2005.

The festival that this year celebrates its 14th anniversary consists of 10 performances by Okinawan and Japanese artist groups, and another 10 from overseas.

Besides outstanding performing arts programs, the festival offers an excellent opportunity for networking with international performers, symposiums, and a lineup of useful workshops for young performing artists that offer a precious activity base for artists and theater-related persons worldwide.

The beginning of Ricca Ricca Festa was the International Theater Festival Okinawa for Young Audiences, which was held as an International Festival for Families in Asia in 1994. In 2005, the festival was revived in Okinawa City, and its name changed to “Kijimuna Festa.” On the 10th anniversary of the festival in 2014, the venue was changed to Naha, and the name became “Ricca Ricca Festa.”

This year’s festival offers a variety of acts, including “Doll Circus of Uncle DODO”, “Jekyll, an Ice Cream Parlor”, and theater piece “Les Miserables”.

The event website has the program schedule in detail.

23:36 25 Jun , 2024