Okinawa Zoo & Wonder Museum to get thorough facelift

Okinawa City is proceeding with its project to renew and enlarge the Okinawa Zoo & Wonder Museum.

According to the plan, the land area of the park will be increased from its current 16 hectares to 29 hectares by 2026, while the exhibitions will be drastically renovated to show some animals without cages, and creating six specific exhibition zones to make the park more attractive to visitors.

Over the past few years, the number of visitors to Okinawa Zoo & Wonder Museum as increased drastically, especially from foreign countries in tandem with the increase of tourists to Okinawa. As the facility has become crowed, Okinawa City approved a basic plan in March 2016 to develop and enlarge the facility.

Okinawa City Mayor Sachio Kuwae also committed publicly to “make the zoo most unique and unusual in Japan.”

The exhibitions are going to be renovated. The zoo will be divided in six separate zones like Japanese Nature Zone, Animals of Prairie Zone and Jungle Zone.

During this fiscal year, the basic setting of the lion house and the zoo entrance area will be rebuilt. The access to the facility will be revamped and old obsolete equipment removed.

09:59 18 Jul , 2024