San-A to build new store in Kyuna, Ginowan City

San-A, a major Okinawan supermarket and department store chain, is opening a new store “San-A Kyuna” in Ginowan City, in the summer of 2018.

The site of the new store has been vacant since a golf practice range that was destroyed on a typhoon closed. The area is 13,040 square meters. The store will be a single-story building with 2,989 square meters of floor space, of which the store area is 1,830 square meters. There will be parking for 225 cars including 76 reserved for the staff.

The store site is adjacent to a residential area to the north, and MCAS Futenma to the south.

The construction is scheduled to complete by 15 May 2018

08:03 18 Jun , 2024