Two dead in weekend motorcycle accidents

Several motorcycle accidents occurred over the weekend resulting in two fatalities.

Early Sunday, 48-year-old Tamotsu Yonashiro lost control of his large motorcycle on Highway 58 in Kadena while driving with a group of friends. He fell hitting his head and chest, and was confirmed dead on arrival at a hospital.

According to Kadena Police, the site of the accident has two lanes to each direction and slightly curve to the left. Police suspect that something happened while Yonashiro entered the curve causing the accident. Police investigation to the accident continues.

Sunday afternoon, 67-year-old Tsutomu Taira was driving a trike motorcycke on national road 330 in Urasoe City when he was for some reason hurled off the vehicle. Taira was taken to a hospital in a state of cardiac arrest, where he was confirmed dead.

Urasoe Police investigating the accident suspects that he Taira was thrown off his trike after hitting the curb. After the accident, the trike kept running by itself for about 800 meters, and stopped after crashing into the highway median. No other people were injured.

A motorcycle and light car collided on a city road in Kubota, Okinawa City, and the driver of the motorcycle was seriously injured but id expected to live.

Last month a fatal motorcycle accident occurred in Takae, Higashi Village. In February, three men died in motorcycle accidents.


22:06 24 Jun , 2024