Water storage dams in Okinawa filled to 93.4%

If there’s one blessing from the heavy rains lately, it’s that the dams in the prefecture have filled up staving off the looming water shortage.

Many dams, including Haneji Dam, exceeded their capacity and overflowed by Tuesday. Haneji Dam is the highest of the dams at 65.0 meters. According to the dam management, “Two tons of water per second was flowing into Haneji Dam as of 11 a.m. Tuesday.”

The total precipitation between May 13th and 19th was 846.5 millimeters in Oku at the northern tip of the island, almost double the normal 427.8 mm. Higashi had 824 mm (375.9 mm), and Nago 808 mm (338.4 mm) of rain. All are about twice the average for the period.

The 11 dams managed by the government, Okinawa Prefecture, and Okinawa Enterprise Bureau were at 93.4% of their total capacity as of Tuesday midnight that is 12.8 points higher than the average year this time.

04:38 15 Jun , 2024