Bad manners of visitors prompt locals to close access to Bise no Warumi

Access to “Bise no Warumi,” a famous and popular sightseeing spot and sacred site in Motobu, is now blocked because of bad manners of visitors. Locals say, “We cannot open the place until the minimum manners by visitors can be maintained, and certain rules are created to be followed.” Meanwhile, Motobu Town Office and Bise Ward Office have received inquiries from tourists and worry about it.

According to Bise Ward Office, many tourists started visiting the site a few years ago, after it was featured as a sacred place on TV and magazines, and the word of it quickly spread through social networks. A visitor to the site is said to be blessed with children after a visit.

However, the site has become full of garbage thrown by tourists. Many rented cars are parked on the road, and some of them have entered on a private land.

A 59-year-old resident said, “I have picked up trash thrown by tourists for the past two years.” Reportedly, some residents say that tourists have parked in front of their entrance that has caused problems.” “We really did not want to, but we had no choice but to make the place off limits.”

Bise is famous for its tree tunnel, and many tourists come to visit. It is also a popular wedding photo spot. When there was no need for a license to take wedding photos, visitors restricted traffic without permission, which irritated residents.

According to Yoshihisa Takara, the headman of the ward, “Warumi is a holy place where locals did not go.” Regarding making the place off limits, Takara stated, “I do understand their feelings, but we need to discuss about the situation looking at the place in the long run.” He said that he would like to discuss measurements like imposing an entrance fee to raise money for the upkeep of the site.

03:58 15 Jun , 2024