Co-op Okinawa deliveryman nabbed stealing lunch tickets

A male deliveryman in his 20’s working for Co-op Okinawa Service, a subsidiary of Co-op Okinawa, who was in charge of the Co-op deliveries in Uruma City, was caught for having stolen 41 lunch tickets redeemable at local hotels between last December and this June.

Seven Co-op members were victims of the theft that incurred ¥83,000 total in damage. The deliveryman admitted to having used the tickets at hotels in Naha and Onna Village, and he also sold some of them. Co-op Okinawa Service fired the man on June 30.

According to Co-op Okinawa Service, Co-op Okinawa has about 220,000 members, and Co-op Okinawa Service has the responsibility of delivering goods and Co-op information pamphlets to each member.

The scheme came to light in the middle of June when a member queried the cooperative about a charge to his account for something he said he did not order, prompting an internal investigation.

Sadao Tsukayama, the president of Co-op Okinawa Service, said, “I would like to apologize for this case of betraying our members’ trust.” The co-op is reportedly going to send a personal apology with full refund to each victim. The co-op also will send a report on the act and an apology to all other members.

00:03 26 Jun , 2024