Construction of San-A mega mall begins in Urasoe

San-A, an Okinawan operator of department stores and supermarkets, held a press conference Monday at Urasoe City Office to present an overview of their large commercial facility to be constructed on a landfill between Camp Kinser and the ocean.

The facility is planned to have 230 tenants that is about 10 more than AEON Rycom making it the largest on Okinawa.

One of the tenants will be “United Cinema” that will have a 11-screen movie theater that includes a 4D theater. The theater is the first United Cinema facility in the prefecture, and with its 11 screens the largest.

The plans call for introducing a 4D theater in the facility that features moving seats and smell and wind effects to enhance the action on the screen for the audience.

The aim is to make it a comprehensive entertainment facility; where, in addition to movies, visitors can attend live music performances and other shows.

The construction is scheduled to start this Thursday (July 6), and the mall is scheduled to open in the summer of 2019. The total construction cost is about ¥40 billion.

The building will be made of a reinforced concrete, and have 6 floors above the ground. The shops will be on floors 1st to 3rd, with the top three floors housing a multi-story car park for about 3,800 cars. The total shopping area is about 78,000 square meters, which is about the same as AEON Rycom.


13:36 13 Jun , 2024