Fishing boat from Tohoku tsunami drifts to Kudaka

A fishing boat swept out to the sea during the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami on Mar. 11, 2011, was found drifting off Kudaka Island on June 28.

The boat that has been adrift more than six years and has traveled some 2,000 kilometers from its port belongs to a member of Iwate Prefecture Rikusentakata Hirotawan Fishermen’s Association.

The boat is six meters long, and covered all over with seaweed. The Nakagusuku Maritime Safety Agency towed the boat to its patrol boat base in Okinawa City, where the municipality will take it over. The fate of the boat will be decided after discussions with its original owner.

According to Hirotawan Fishermen’s Association, three of its boats that were lost in the tsunami have been found. One was found after drifting 7,300 km over the entire Pacific, on the shore of Long Beach, WA, in the U.S. Another was discovered offshore in the Tsugaru Channel in Aomori Prefecture.

19:32 16 Apr , 2024