Free shuttle bus service from Nakijin Castle to Kouri Island

Yanbaru Express Bus is scheduled to start a free shuttle service of three return trips per day between Nakijin Castle Ruins Park and Kouri Island from mid-July.

The shuttle service is designed to connect with the existing bus service between Naha Airport and Nakijin Castle. The idea is to create a new kind of sightseeing service in Nakijin. The shuttle will have stops along the route where people are free to get on and off.

According to Nakijin Village officials, there have been many queries about local bus services from tourists after they have taken a bus from Naha Airport, and gotten off at Nakijin Castle Ruins Park. Yanbaru Express Bus decided to start the service, as there is no local bus service within Nakijin Village, and to make it convenient for local people as well.

Officials at Yanbaru Express Bus plan to call for businesses in the village to sponsor the cost of the shuttle. One representative says, “We would like to return the favor to Nakijin Village, as we are a company based here. We would be very pleased to have as many local residents as possible to use the shuttle, too”

The shuttle starts from Nakijin Castle Ruins Park, and passes through Akabaka, Nakijin Junior High School, Yakubamae (Municipal Office), Amesoko Elementary School and Rikarikawarumi, to go to Kouri Island. The bus has a capacity of 69 passengers, and is a low-floor type that makes it accessible for elderly people.

Local passengers need to show an ID that includes their address to show they are residents. Passengers from outside of the village need to show a free ticket they can receive when using other Yanbaru Express bus services.

22:11 24 Jun , 2024