Man arrested for attacking bus driver on duty

Naha Police arrested 48-year-old Muneaki Ikema, a resident of Yonabaru Town, for attacking and inflicting an injury on a 52-year-old bus driver Tuesday afternoon.

According to police, Ikema was heavily intoxicated when the incident occurred, and reportedly denies the charges.

Ikema is suspected of injuring the bus driver by hitting him on the face and head several times with his fists while riding on the bus that was running on its regular route from Naha towards Yonabaru via national road 507 and 329 Tuesday afternoon. Reportedly, Ikema asked the driver to run off its route and turn left at Uema intersection towards Shuri. The driver did not turn and Ikema assaulted him.

The bus driver stopped the bus at a nearby bus stop, while one of the passengers made an emergency call to police. Naha police dispatched a patrol car to the scene and Ikema was arrested. He was administered a breathalyzer test that showed about 9 times the legal limit (0.15 mg per 1 liter of breath) of alcohol in his breath.

There were 4 passengers in addition to Ikema and the driver in the bus when the incident occurred, but no one was injured. Reportedly, the bus driver was back at work on Wednesday.

Naha Police points out, “An act of violence against the driver on a public bus is dangerous and malicious, not to mention against the law.” The investigation to the details of the incident continues.

23:28 24 Jun , 2024