Nanto Co. successfully applies Aug. 2nd for “Day of Habu”

Nanto Co., the operator of Okinawa World theme park, made a petition to Japan Anniversary Association to name August 2nd the day of “Habu” – as “ha” stands for 8 and “bu” for 2. The Association accepted the petition.

Satoshi Uema, the general manager of Okinawa World, said, “Our activities including our exhibition of the habu ecosystem convinced the association to accept our petition.”

Kiyoshi Kase, a board of director at the Japan Anniversary Association, commented, “This could be a big step for a development of Okinawan tourism and industry.”

Okinawa World opened the Habu Museum in 1979, which exhibits data and ecosystem of Habu snakes. It also runs regular Habu shows in its park. Nanto Shuzo, a subsidiary of Nanto Co. that started its business in 1992, distills and sells about 6,000 bottles of Okinawan Habu sake a year.

Okinawa World is holding variety of events, including photo sessions with visitors holding a giant python, during July and August. On Aug. 2nd, which now is the “Day of Habu”, they are planning to ask visitors to the theme park, “Do you know what day is today?” Those, who can answer the question correctly, will receive a present.

08:21 18 Jun , 2024