Okinawa Aqua Social Fes 2017 scheduled for Marine Day

“Aqua Social Fes 2017”, a beach cleaning event, is scheduled for July 17th, on the beaches along the Kaichu Road in Yonashiro, Uruma City. The event will start at 11 a.m.

The event aims to increase public’s awareness of environmental conservation. After cleaning, the event continues with live music performance by a variety of local artists.

Taizo Arakawa, the head of Vitamin SEA Project, the producer of the event, visited Uruma City Mayor at the City Municipal Office and said, “The event falls on the Marine Day, so we would like to clean the beach to thank and show our appreciation of the ocean.”

The event has been held every year since 2012 to commemorate the launch of Toyota Aqua”, a hybrid car. Toyota is one of the main sponsors of the event, in which many local NPOs collaborate in engaging in environmental conservation activities related to “water”. The event has a Japanese language website that details activities at Aqua Fes events in various prefectures.


04:59 15 Jul , 2024