Okinawa Grand Sumo Tournament scheduled for Dec. 16 and 17

Japan’s big boys are scheduled to make an appearance on Okinawa at a 2-day Grand Sumo Tournament at Okinawa Convention Center in Ginowan on 16th and 17th December.

The event was announced at a press conference Tuesday in Naha with Ura, a popular wrestler in the top Makuuchi division of sumo, and Sendagawa Oyakata (stable master) in attendance. Ura will make his first appearance in Okinawa at the December tournament.

The Okinawa Grand Sumo Tournament will held for the third consecutive year. About 180 sumo wrestlers have appeared in the bouts in the tournaments, including popular top-ranked yokozuna and ozeki.

Advance tickets will go for sale on Aug. 5th at FamiPort treminals in all FamilyMart stores in Okinawa. For details, contact to the Grand Sumo Tournament in Okinawa Executive Committee at 098-890-5577 (in Japanese).

08:55 18 Jun , 2024