Over half of Okinawa companies complain of worker shortage

According to a survey by the Okinawa Committee of the Associations of Small-and-Medium-Size Enterprises, over half said that they can’t find enough qualified workers.

The survey was conducted between Apr. 7 and 21, and it was sent to 1,106 businesses. 150 of them responded. The survey was a part of a project to map ways to secure and develop human resources, and included questions of hiring foreign staff, for example.

54.6% of the businesses said that they can’t find enough full-time workers for regular staff, while 38.6% lamented they can’t find enough temporary or part-time workers.

In its comments, the Committee pointed out that creating a good work environment is important for Okinawa, and that it’s very important for enterprises to create an atmosphere, in which all people who work in small and medium size companies and administrative organizations to work together as a team.

The Committee has held joint company information session for university graduates in the past, but the number of participants has been decreasing. They think that the solution is to educate potential workers on the attractiveness of working in small and medium size companies.

Regarding hiring foreign staff, 39.0% answered that they would like to hire highly skilled professionals, while 19.2% answered wanting to hire unskilled workers. Especially, companies in restaurant businesses, convenience stores, and lodging industry said that foreign workers were essential. According to a similar survey by Okinawa Hotel Life and Hygiene Trade Association, 42.0% of lodging facilities answered that they needed foreign workers.


00:25 21 May , 2024