Commuter ferry resumes trips to Daito islands

Runs of Ferry “Daito,” a ship plying the route between Naha and Kita and Minami-Daito islands, have been suspended due to nearby typhoons No.5 and No.9. The ferry resumed running the route Sunday for the first time in 19 days.

It carried nine containers filled with perishables like milk, eggs, and bread, as well as frozen foods. Shops on both islands reported that the food have been out of stock, and residents rushed to stores as soon as the ferry arrived.

Ferry Daito called both islands on July 25, but strong swells after the typhoon prevailed, and seven consecutive scheduled trips were suspended. The ferry finally left Naha Port on Aug. 12th when the wave height off Daito Islands was reduced to 4-meter level.

15:10 29 May , 2024