Flyweight champ Daigo Higa to fight France’s Tomah Macon

Okinawa Flyweight Boxing Champion Daigo Higa will face France’s Tomah Macon in his first defense of his title on Oct. 22nd at Ryogoku Kokugikan oin Tokyo.

At a press conference Wednesday where he announced the match 21-year-old Higa said about his 27-year-old opponent, who’s currently in the 6th place in the WBC rankings, “I have heard that Macon is a difficult opponent, so I’m planning to fight him with the spirit of a challenger.” He also predicted to win the match by knocking Macon out.

Higa has 13 consecutive knockouts so far under his belt, and he aims to best Japan’s consecutive knockout record of Takeshi Hamada who has 15 consecutive knockouts, “My present aim is to overtake Hamada’s record, which increases my motivation.”

23:51 22 Jul , 2024