New Zealand Rugby Sevens Teams mulling camp in Yomitan

According to local media reports, both men’s and women’s National Rugby Sevens Teams of New Zealand, also known as “All Blacks,” are mulling a possibility to conduct their training camps before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in Yomitan Village. Tony Phillip, the director of both teams, visited Yomitan Village on July 28th.

Phillip visited Zanpa Misaki Ball Park, Yomitan Village Athletics Stadium, swimming pool and training facilities, and local hotels to inspect the details. He also visited other areas in Yomitan, including beaches, supermarkets, and other public facilities. He reportedly said that he “got a good impression of Yomitan Village.”

The sevens rugby games of the 2020 Olympics will take place in Tokyo, and the team is planning to conduct its training camp in mid-July prior to the games.

Several other Japanese municipalities have invited the New Zealand teams to have the camp, and the team will make their choice by the end of the year.

14:39 14 Jul , 2024