OTS opens “ecbo cloak” luggage storage service on Kokusai Street

Okinawa Tourist Service has opened “ecbo cloak” luggage storage service on Kokusai Street in Naha in a joint venture with ecbo, a rental storage service company. The first store has 20 baggage lockers now, and the plan is to increase them to 400 by March 2018.

One can look for the availability of baggage lockers on a smart phone through an ecbo app. The lockers are placed in a variety of facilities, like cafés, beauty salons, and even Shinto shrines.

Traditional coin lockers have problems, like sometimes being difficult to find, occupied or too small. With “ecbo cloak” the exact location and availability can be checked in advance.

Businesses housing baggage lockers earn money from their dead space, and it also could attract extra customers. “ecbo cloak” started the business this January in Tokyo, and the service is currently available in Kyoto, Osaka, and Fukuoka.

For more information, see their English language website.

01:06 21 May , 2024