Wall collapse kills construction worker in Kitanakagusuku

A stone wall next to a parking lot of a construction site in Adaniya, Kitanakagusuku Village collapsed Tuesday afternoon, leaving one construction worker dead and two injured.

47-year-old construction worker Yasunari Hanashiro, was buried beneath the collapsed wall and killed. Another 56-year-old construction worker injured his left leg, and a 74-year-old worker suffered an injury on his arm. Both were taken to a hospital, but their injuries are not in life-threatening.

The accident site is near Futenma River close to the national route 330 between Adaniya and Futenma.

According to an eyewitness, five people were at the site when the accident occurred. The three people who were injured were working on the stone wall, when the wall unexpectedly collapsed.

According to Nakagusuku-Kitanakagusuku Fire Department Headquarters, they received an emergency call about 4.50 p.m. saying, “When we were building a stone wall, it collapsed and two people were buried.”

Some 40 policemen and firefighters rushed to the site, but a doctor on the scene confirmed Hanashiro dead. His body was recovered by firefighters about two and half hours after the collapse of the wall.

Okinawa Police are investigating the details, including if there was a security problem and a possible negligence resulting in death in the conduct of business.

15:22 29 May , 2024