Yanbaru Bus introduces real time operation info system

Okinawa Polytechnic College announced Tuesday that their team of students has developed a system that allows checking the operational information of “Yanbaru Express Bus” that runs between Naha, Motobu, and Nakijin in real time.

The system transmits the number of passengers on the bus and informs people waiting along the route if the bus is full and waiting passengers can’t get a ride. The bus information will be available on the Yanbaru Express Bus website from Aug. 24th. The system provides information on bus routes, departure times from each bus stop, and the current location of the bus. The information is available on smart phones and personal computers.

The bus drivers input the number of passengers using tablet devices, as they proceed on the route. The bus occupancy rate is displayed in four ways as “plenty available,” “average,” “a few,” and “full”.

Yanbaru Express Bus is a long-distance bus service connecting Naha Airport, Ocean Expo Park in Motobu, and Unten Port in Nakijin. As the number of tourists has increased, more passengers are using the bus service, and sometimes all seats are already taken when the bus starts, and passengers along the route can’t get on.

A spokesman for the college says, “Passengers can adjust their schedule if they know the number of passengers on the bus in advance.”


12:22 13 Jun , 2024