“Kariyushi Ties” to go on sale next year

Fairfax Collective, a leading shirt and tie manufacturer in Tokyo, has created “Kariyushi Tie,” made of textiles of June, Inc., known for its resort clothing brand “PAIKAJI.” The new ties, the first of its kind in Japan, will go on sale nationwide next February. Ryubo Industry, the company running Ryubo department stores and supermarkets is behind the effort.

It’s common to wear a “Kariyushi” wear, a kind of aloha shirt, in business in Okinawa, but that’s not the case in other parts in Japan. Planners at Ryubo reasoned that people would feel more comfortable wearing “Kariyushi Ties,” also called “Aloha Ties,” and suggested the idea to June, Inc. and Fairfax.

According to Yasuhide Yoshida, the president of June, Kariyushi Shirts have been popular among many fashion magazines overseas, and some of them predict that Kariyushi and Aloha-style shirts could become the hottest trend next summer.

Reportedly, department stores and selected fashion shops have shown interests in selling the line of the new ties.

01:36 26 Jun , 2024